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8 Figurative Contemporary Artists to Discover !
Get inspired 17 Aug 2017

8 Figurative Contemporary Artists to Discover !

Philippe Bluzot, Banlieue (6), Huile sur toile 81x50cm, 2011
Philippe Bluzot, Banlieue, oil on canvas, 2011

From Abstract Expressionism to Minimalism – though with the exceptions of Surrealism and Pop Art; and later, Neo-expressionism – most modern art movements have excluded the figurative. Today, however, the modern temples of art, starting with the Templon and Gagosian galleries, are embracing it with open arms. Contemporary art seems at the moment to be going through something of a period of infatuation with the figurative, or indeed with Hyperrealism even. There are several factors explaining this resurgence. With the history of art cyclical in nature, the contemporary art world’s saturation with abstraction, Neo-pop and conceptual art has pushed influencers and trendsetters to develop a renewed interest in the figurative. Additionally, a process of maturation is currently taking place in contemporary painting. Artists are abandoning the dichotomy between figurative representation and abstraction.

Artsper has selected eight artists whose work confirms the resurgence of the figurative in contemporary art.

 #1 Philippe Bluzot

 © Philippe Bluzot, Rencontre nocturne, 2015
Philippe Bluzot, Rencontre nocturne, 2015

#2 Eric Zener

figurative painting, Eric Zenner
Eric Zenner, One, 2008

#3 Marek Okrassa

Figurative painting, Marek Okrasa
Marek Okrasa, Untitled, 2017

#4 Arnaud Liard

Figurative Painting by Arnaud Liard
Arnaud Liard, Tcheko, 2015

#5 Jeffrey Palladini

Figurative Painting, Jeffrey Palladini
Jeffrey Palladini, Pool

#6 Francine Van Hove

Figurative painting by Francine Van Hove
Francine Van Hove, Les deux belles, 2012

#7 Andrzej Borowski

peinture de Andrezj Borowski, 2016
Andrzej Borowski, Swimming pool in La Tournavelle, 2016

#8 Jonatan Maldonado

painting by Jonathan Moldano, Death Triumph, 2011
Jonathan Maldonado, Le triomphe de la mort II, 2011

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