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Get inspired 01 Jun 2015

7 Ambiguous religious, pagans and historical symbols


Symbols in religions, cults, or even in society, are never purely invented. Those geometric figures are signs evolving throughout history; they have an inspiration, an influence, and a development… We observe Christians symbols coming from pagan antiquity, Jew signs coming from Mesopotamian cults, politic pictograms coming from every kind of culture…

Artsper brings together 7 symbols that are ambivalent or ambiguous…

{Ankh key of eternity – Jésus Christ’s Cross}

{Pentagmram – David Star}

{Saint-Pierre’s crucifixion – Peace and love}

{Osiris and Horus – Madonna and Child}

{Poseidon’s trident- Lucifer’s pitchfork}


{Jupiter’s eagle – Saint Jean Evangelist}

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About Artsper

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