Weekly anecdote: art swept clean!

 Contemporary art backlash

On the 19th of October, London’s Eyestorm gallery closes its doors. The opening of an exhibition featuring an original artwork by Damien Hirst has just ended.

The next day, the owner of the gallery finds the gallery like he left it without the work of Damien Hirst. No robbers, no broken glass or doors, the cleaner thought that the pile of « cigarette buds, empty beer bottles and old newspapers » couldn’t be a work of art. He just cleaned everything up cursing the guests for making such a « huge mess ».

All is well that ends well : Damien Hirst, was contacted and claimed that he found the story « hilarious » and « fantastic » and accepted to sign the work that was « rebuilt » by the gallery owners. The installation was sold for close more than hundred thousand pounds.