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A closer look 24 Nov 2013

Art Foundations

Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Ricard … you’ve surely heard of these names. But did you know these companies are also patrons of the arts? Artsper is here to guide you.

The patrons of the arts – a little bit of history and three examples.

10 years ago there were less than 2000 firms that were sponsoring the arts. In 2003 though, the Aillagon law was adopted and gave numerous tax benefits for sponsorships and that made their number increased to 6500 in 2005 ! What a great success ! There are the tax deductions and there is added value to the company through culture – philanthropy is a godsend to everyone. While big groups like Axa or Bouygues prefer to be part of great national projects, or of the acquisition of artworks that are considered to be of great interest to the state, some companies prefer to open foundations for their art collections. With the boost of the Aillagon law, the number of foundations (65 in 2002) increased to 200 in 2006. Here are three essential places for the Paris art scene.

In 1984, Cartier’s CEO, Alain Dominique Perrin decided to create the Fondation Cartier, having the headquarters in architect Jean Nouvel’s glass building, on the boulevard Raspail. Focusing on contemporary art of all media – painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performing arts, the foundation is 80% financed by the famous jewelry maker. The Cartier Foundation doesn’t simply buy art, they have a strategy of artist commissions that allows them to have a permanent collection and support the artists. Fondation Cartier features high quality exhibitions, an eclectic choice of artists, they take risks and have an excellent guiding, lecture and events program. All in all, the Foundation is a highly successful space for contemporary art. In 2012 Cartier introduced the artist Yue Minjun for the first time to the European public, featured a show about the beauty of Mathematics (Mathématiques) and presented the harrowing universe of hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck, that brought more than 300 000 visitors.

Over a decade ago, motivated by Colette Barbier and Philippe Savinel, the Ricard company launched the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard pour l’art contemporain, (Ricard Foundation for contemporary art) in order to support young visual artists. The exhibition place, renovated in 2007 by architects Jakob+MacFarlane, welcomes a generation of emerging artists who can show their work during 7 exhibitions every year. Young curators are also supported and are given carte blanche for collective shows. The Foundation has also set up the Ricard Prize. The winner of the Prize gets 15 000 euros and his work is acquired by the Centre Pompidou collection. Loris Gréaud, on show in the Louvre hall at the moment, was awarded the prize in 2005. The prize has been awarded to an exclusive crowd of visionary artists.

A selection of wonderful new art!

The Fondation Louis Vuitton, also dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art, will open in 2014 in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. The building was designed by Frank Gehry, the genius architect of the Guggenheim in Bilbao and resembles a ship in the woods. The building is a tribute to the Palais d’hiver that was situated in the woods in the 19th century. The Louis Vuitton Foundation for arts intends to introduce to the public a selection of artworks that will reaffirm the engagement of Bernard Arnault’s LVMH to promoting culture. Artsper is ready for the grand opening !

About Artsper

About Artsper

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