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Drawing has long been reduced to being the preliminary sketch of an artwork, and has therefore been considered as a minor genre in museums. However, the diversity of drawing and its richness is undeniable, especially in the light of the drawing week in Paris. Drawing art fairs present each year artworks that ignite different sensations  from what can be felt when meeting a painting or a photograph. Curiosity and desire take over, and drawing seems far from lines and strokes on a piece of paper !


Artsper goes over 8 different drawing approaches:


{1. Composition, by GOTTFRIED HONEGGER}

The artist composes his work between abstraction and geometry according to a meticulous system. Embodessed designs and monochromy are particularly emphasised in his plastic language.

unnamed (4)

Gottfried Honneger, Sans titre, 2003, Galerie La Ligne, Courtesy Artsper


{2. Organic forms by ANAÏS CHARRAS}


Degas used to say that « Drawing is not a form, it is a mean to see it ». Anaïs Charras draws organic and complex forms using a graphite pencil, and unveils an enchanting universe.

unnamed (1)

Anaïs Charras, Le dernier invité #1, 2014, Courtesy Galerie KO21, Courtesy Artsper

{3. The classical by FRANCINE VAN HOVE}

The work of Francine Van Hove cannot be perceived as a submission to the model, but is rather a singular reproduction. She captures a real moment which constitutes a perpetual source of excitment for her reflexion, and then the magic of her brush stroke takes over.

unnamed (2)

Francine Van Hove, Etude pour “Jour et nuit”, 2008, Courtesy Jean-Marie Oger

{4. The subject by LAHCEN KHEDIM}


« Men, look at yourselves in the paper », said Henri Michaux. For Lahcen Khedim, each period of production is enlightened by the previous one. A big picture of his personal story is thus developed, and through this lens, the history of humanity is confronted to the natural hostility of the world.


Lahcen Khedim, Untitled 1, 2015, Courtesy Artsper

{5. Spontaneity by BÉATRICE MEUNIER-DÉRY}


Just like an acrobat, Béatrice Meunier-Dery explores dangerous situations, goes back and forth, in her infatuation with the line, to create funny and complex results.

unnamed (3)

Béatrice Meunier-Déry, Solitaire et arbre coeur, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Rêve-ville


{6. The photographic finish by FLEURION}


The techniques that Fleuron invents make of him a true explorer. He draws using lights and shadows, and the finish is of fascinating realism.



Fleurion, Fonte, 2014, Courtesy Artsper

{7. Irony by OTTO D’AMBRA}


Otto d’Ambra draws a reality that demands a great deal of patience. He lays down a lot of irony and intricate details on newspapers.


unnamed (6)

Otto d’Ambra, Thinking about Emancipation, 2015, Courtesy Jonathan F. Kugel, Courtesy Artsper

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