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Artsper has selected for you 10 images of strong visual content that we saw this week!

Ulrich Lamsfuss Stefan Jellheden  2004  Oil on canvas  120 x 95 cm - copie

Ulrich Lamsfuss, Stefan Jellheden, 2004, courtesy: Galerie Tamplon

Eddi Prabandono, Vespa - copie

Eddy Prabandono, Vespa

Julia Wachtel, Spirit (2014) - copie

Julia Wachtel, Spirit, 2014, courtesy: Elisabeth Dee

Kamolpan Chotvichai  Annica, 2014  Sundaram Tagore Gallery - copie

Kamolpan Chotvichai, Annica, 2014, courtesy: Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Lita Cabellut, Dried Tear 16 - copie

Lita Cabellut, Dried Tear 16, 2013, courtesy: Opera Galerie

Bodgan Rata - The Descent - 2014 - Farideh Cadot et Assoicés

Bodgan Rata, The Descent, 2014, Farideh Cadot & Associés

masayoshi sukita - david bowie - star dust gallerie - 1973 - copie

Masayoshi Sukita, David Bowie, 1973, courtesy: Star Dust Galerie

Merci Louisette, Jean-Francois Fourtou - copie

Merci Louisette, Jean-Francois Fourtou, 2015, courtesy: galerie Mitterand

  What Will You Leave Behind?, 2012 Unglazed porcelain skulls Sundaram Tagore Gallery - copie

Nino Sarabutra, What Will You Leave Behind?, 2012, courtesy: Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Richard Tuschman Pink Bedroom Odalisque - copie

Richard Tuschman, Pink Bedroom Odalisque, 2013

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