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It’s been around since the invention of photography and has been considered, for a long time, a poor relation, but it is starting to take the place it deserves: this weekend Artsper invites you to take a look at the work of three contemporary fashion photographers.



Annie Leibovitz’s work can be described as hyperrealism pushed to the extreme. She is the author of some of the images that have marked the last decades…


She was born in 1949 and it was during the Vietnam War, while living in the Philippines with her family, that she started to take photos. And she has never stopped since then…

At the age of 20, she started to work for Rolling Stone, a new New York magazine. She was named chief photographer of Rolling Stone shortly afterwards and it is during this period that she took the magnificent photo of John Lennon curled up next to Yoko Ono, one morning in December 1980, a few hours before his death.

In 1983, she got a position at Vanity Fair, started a series of images that became legendary, and started collaborating with Vogue.

This is the occasion to rediscover her work!


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Juergen Teller

Placing a unique spin on the fashion world, Juergen Teller gives a special strength to his images, between marked biases and the transgression of the aesthetic norms.

Everything started in the late-80s. Determined to escape military service, Juergen Teller goes to England and immerses himself in the music scene. He starts to take portraits of musicians and this is when his work gets noticed. The portrait of Sinéad O’Connor draws the attention of fashion magazines. 

He met stylist and advertising producer Venetia Scott, and this encounter changed his life; she made him go back to his German culture and to his deep desires.

Having gained self-confidence, he recognizes his fascination for sex, for the natural enemy of sophistication and dares to distance himself from the fashion world.


Mario Testino

We couldn’t forget this Peruvian photographer, a darling of the fashion world.

Mario Testino was born in 1954 in Peru. He is the product of a mix of cultures: he is of mixed origin, he studies in an American school and grows up in the streets of Lima. At 18, he moves to London and tries to live from his photos. He produces photo books for models almost for free. Little by little, he starts to collaborate with magazines and this is when he meets people that change his life…

Madonna contacts him and asks him to take photos of her for an advertising campaign. The rest is history and Testino becomes one of the most important contemporary photographers.

His talent makes him the embodiment of the joie de vivre and his photo-shoots are always punctuated with laughter.



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