Our favorites… David LaChapelle

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Artsper team regularly looks over all works of art of one artist and chooses 10 of them that the team absolutely wants to keep. Even though it is a completely subjective retrospective, this is the occasion for you to discover again the genius of the artist. This week, David LaChapelle.


Icarus David Lachapelle

 © David LaChapelle – Icarus

David LaChapelle

© David LaChapelle – Elton John

David Lachapelle Marilyn Manson

© David LaChapelle – Marilyn Manson

david_lachapelle_01 Salvery

© David LaChapelle – Salvery

Still life Mikhaik Gorbachev

© David LaChapelle – Still Life ” Gorbatchev”

Death by hamburguer

© David LaChapelle – Death by hamburger

Amanda as Andy Warhol's Marilyn

 © David LaChapelle – Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn

David LaChapelle - Thy Kingdom

© David LaChapelle – Thy Kingdom


© David LaChapelle – Jesus is my homeboy

David-Lachapelle - Eminem About to blow

© David LaChapelle – Eminem about to blow


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