Our favorite “Land Art” artworks

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The Land Art is an artistic movement developed in the United States in the 60s under the influence of a group of artists rejecting the commercialisation of art. By using only natural material, they wanted to escape from the art market’s machinery but made it impossible to organize exhibitions in traditional art galleries. The Land Art, developed at the same period as the Minimalism, puts into question our vision of art and nature together. Two major events definitely formalized and established the Land Art on the artistic stage. The first one was the Earth Works exhibition at Dawn Gallery in 1968. The second one was The Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects by Robert Smithson.

Among the most famous Land Artists, we can name Nancy Holt, Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Long and also Christo. The Land Art still exists today with more contemporary artists like Andy Goldsworthy.

Christo “Umbrella”



Richard Long “Stoneline”


Nancy Holt “Sun tunnels”

land art

Marinus Boezem “The green cathedral”

Marinus Boezem


Yevgeny Dobrovinsky

land art


Wolfgang Buntrock “Fish 2″

Wolfgang Buntrock


Jean Verame “Tibesti”

Jean Verame


Andy Goldsworthy

land art


Bob Verschueren

land art


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